Cell Phone Lot

Utilize the free and convenient cell phone lot when waiting for arriving passengers to call you.

Dulles Cell Phone Lot

What is It?

The cell phone lot is an ideal place to wait for arriving passengers. Just have the arriving passengers call you with door number and level (departure or arrivals) and pick up the passengers when they have exited the terminal and are on the roadway. It is important that the arriving passengers are outside and ready for pickup before you approach the terminal. There is no waiting at the curb while arriving passengers wait for luggage. Parking at the curbs may result in a parking ticket and / or towing.

Where is It?

The Cell Phone Lot is located on Autopilot Drive. From the Dulles Access Highway or Dulles Toll Road heading towards the Airport, merge into the far-right lane, follow the ramp and bear right onto Aviation Drive.  The Dulles Marriott Hotel will be on your right.  Stay in the right lane until you reach the stoplight at the intersection of Aviation Drive and Autopilot Drive.  Turn right onto Autopilot Drive and continue straight.  The Cell Phone Lot entrance will be on your right.

Things to Know

  • This is a free lot
  • Maximum waiting time is one hour
  • Vehicles must not be left unattended
  • No commercial vehicles are allowed
  • No restroom facilities

How Much Does It Cost?

It's free of charge and can be used for up to one hour.

How Can I Monitor the Status of an Inbound or Outbound Flight?

Use our flight search tool, or call 703-572-6240 and have the flight number ready. You will hear prompts asking you to key in the flight number from your phone. This phone system is directly tied to the in-airport flight information displays.