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Be entertained wherever you go by airport shopping while you travel with InMotion Entertainment.InMotion Entertainment is the premiere airport-based electronics & entertainment retailer in the country, with over 100 locations! InMotion brings convenient, portable entertainment to the business and leisure traveler.

Since its inception in 1999, InMotion Entertainment has become the largest airport-based electronics and entertainment retailer in the nation. Founded on a unique business model that combines portable electronic entertainment with travel, InMotion brings convenience to today’s traveler. Great for business and leisure travelers, customers can demonstrate and then purchase the latest electronics including DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, mp3/video players, CD players, video games, GPS navigation systems, noise canceling headphones and more. With a wide selection of products and a straightforward rent-and-return policy, InMotion brings convenient, portable entertainment to the restless traveler. InMotion has over 70 locations in airports throughout the United States and will continue to open new stores throughout 2012.

Stay entertained at InMotion Entertainment while airport shopping & dining.