Meeting Passengers

There are two options for meeting arriving passengers at the airport

Park and Meet Inside the Terminal

A recommended meeting location for individuals looking to connect with an arriving passenger is in the Baggage Claim area located on the lower level of the Main Terminal. The closest parking is the Terminal/Hourly lot, which is located directly across the street from Baggage Claim area entrances.  Inside the Baggage Claim area, the Airport arrivals monitor screens show flights by city and identify the corresponding bag carousel number serving those flights.

Baggage Claim Area
baggage claim

If you know the Airline on which the passenger being picked up is flying, you can park close to the entrance door nearest to their likely baggage carousel.  When facing the terminal from the Terminal/Hourly lot,

  • Lower numbered carousels on the left side of the baggage claim area are used by United Airlines.
  • The center of the baggage claim area is used by: Aer Lingus, Alaska, American (US Airways), Etihad, Frontier, JetBlue, Sun Air/Pacific Wings
  • The higher carousel numbers on the right side of baggage claim area are used by: Delta, Silver Airways, Southwest, Virgin America
  • Passengers arriving on an international flight that requires screening by U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be exiting the International Arrivals Building on the far right of baggage claim

Pick-Up Passengers at the Arrivals Curb

Drivers and passengers should agree on meeting at a specific door (numbered 1 through 7) on the arrivals curb for pick-up.  The arrivals curb is for active loading of passengers and luggage and waiting is not permitted.  A cell phone waiting area near the terminal is available for drivers to wait in until they receive confirmation that their passenger has arrived and is at the arrivals curb.

Passengers leaving the baggage claim area through a numbered exit, must go UP the ramp to reach the arrivals curb.

Drivers approaching the terminal to pick up a passenger should follow the signs to the arrivals level and stop at the door number agreed upon with the passenger being picked up.

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