Estimated Taxi Fares


The taxicab operator is required to use the taxicab meter to calculate
the fare for every trip using the following rates and charges:

$3.50 First 1/4 mile or part thereof
$ .54 Each additional 1/4 mile or part thereof
$ .40 Each 60 seconds of waiting time ($24/hour)
$1.50 Each additional passenger in a pre-formed party
(provided however, that one child (5) years of age or
younger shall be transported without charge when
accompanied by an older person)
$3.00 Surcharge shall be charged for each trip originating at
or terminating at Washington Dulles International Airport
$2.50 Surcharge shall be charged for each trip when a snow
emergency is declared by the District of Columbia.

Waiting time:
1) time consumed while a taxicab is waiting for passengers beginning 5 minutes after the time
of arrival at a pick-up location. No time shall be charged for premature pick-up;
2) time consumed while a taxicab is stopped or slowed to a speed of less than 10m.p.h.; and
3) time consumed for stopovers en route at the direction of the passenger

Should a toll be charged during a trip, it shall be added to the final meter rate at the end of the
trip (provided the passenger was informed of the toll and given the option of taking
an alternative route that does not require the payment of a toll).

Gratuity to the driver is at the passenger’s discretion.  

Regional Map with Estimated Taxi Fares from Washington Dulles International Airport.  


The above mileage and fares are subject to change. Information effective as of May 2019.