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In 2013, Washington Dulles International Airport (Dulles International) teamed up with The Arc of Northern Virginia, United Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to give families a chance to experience a simulated airplane trip. These experiences also assist the collective airport team in learning how to better serve the diversity of our community.

A Different Kind of Dress Rehearsal

With this unique concept in mind, Dulles International hosts a “dress rehearsal” from ticket counter to plane that is designed to give these families a mock -- yet realistic -- opportunity to experience travel through the airport before their actual trip.

Dulles International has held several successful Wings for All events since the program began. Families were able to practice entering the airport, navigating the terminal, getting boarding passes at the ticket counter, checking bags, passing through TSA security screening and boarding an aircraft at a gate.



Increasing Awareness

Not only is this a benefit to the families who participate, but Wings for All also provides a valuable training opportunity for the various airport personnel to learn how to better accommodate individuals with special needs. We want everyone to have a positive travel experience at Dulles International!

Please check back for an update on our next Wings For All Event in the future. 

Note: Participation is free of charge, and participants do not have to be affiliated with The Arc of Northern Virginia.


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