If you need assistance while coming through the airport, we welcome you to seek out one of our convenient information counters staffed by Travelers Aid volunteers. You’ll find them at the following locations:


  • Departures (Ticketing) Level - Two kiosks along the front side of the terminal
  • Arrivals Level - Baggage Claim, near Baggage Claims 6, 11, and 14
  • Just beyond East and West security checkpoints


  • Concourse A, near Gate A15 (entrance/exit to AeroTrain station)
  • Concourse B, near Gate B62 (entrance/exit to AeroTrain station)
  • Concourse C, near Gate C17
  • Concourse D, near Gate D16

Interested in volunteering? Please call 703-572-7350call, or you can send an email to: [email protected].


  • Visit an information counter or call 703-572-8296call or 703-572-2700call to page passengers at the Airport.
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