Customs and Immigration at Dulles International

All arriving international passengers and luggage, with the exception of those arriving from pre-cleared points of origin, must be screened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Make sure to collect all of your luggage before exiting the CBP facility; re-entry is not allowed. Passengers connecting to another flight will need to re-check their luggage and go through screening by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers ending their journey in Washington D.C. will exit onto the Terminal Arrivals Level - Baggage Claim.

Expedited Customs Screening Eligibility

Dulles has advanced technology to speed Customs screening. Click the options highlighted below in blue for more information: 

  • Global Entry – $100 enrollment fee. Apply to CBP well in advance of travel. Approved members scan their passport and fingerprint at dedicated kiosks for expedited Customs' processing. U.S. citizens, permanent residents and citizens of a few foreign nations (see website) are eligible. Global Entry members are also eligible to participate in TSA Pre-check for no additional fee.

  • For passengers not eligible for these programs, simply proceed with your passport to a US Customs Officer for processing.

Meeting International Passengers

Dulles International provides a waiting area immediately outside the International Arrivals Building in the Terminal near Baggage Claim 15  / International Arrivals. Passengers who go through U.S. Customs at the flight's country of origin will arrive through doors located between Baggage Claims 4 and 12, the same exit point as domestic flights.  More information is available on the Meeting Passengers page of this website.

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