Dulles International is closer than you think. If you live in Potomac, MD, on average it's faster to get to Dulles International than BWI or Reagan National. Beat the traffic using the Dulles Access Road. Save time and fly from Dulles International.

Minutes to Dulles International from Potomac, MD during the average weekday:

  • 25 minutes at 6am.
  • 27 minutes at 7am.
  • 29 minutes at 12pm.
  • 33 minutes at 4pm.
  • 26 minutes at 5pm.

Minutes to Reagan National from Potomac, MD during the average weekday:

  • 24 minutes at 6am  
  • 34 minutes at 7am.
  • 28 minutes at 12pm.
  • 34 minutes at 4pm.
  • 39 minutes at 5pm.

Minutes to BWI from Potomac, MD during the average weekday:

  • 41 minutes at 6am.
  • 48 minutes at 7am. 
  • 45 minutes at 12pm.
  • 59 minutes at 4pm.
  • 1 hour 14 minutes at 5pm.

*Times represent averages available through Waze.com and are subject to change based on traffic incidents.  Be sure to check traffic conditions on the day of travel and plan accordingly.

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