Airports Authority-developed veriScan eliminates need for passports and paper boarding passes, cuts cost and time spent at the gate  

Using Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority-developed biometric exit technology veriScanTM, Dubai-based Emirates Airline has begun boarding its Dubai-bound flights at Washington Dulles International Airport with the technology, which eliminates the need for passengers to show passports or boarding passes. The veriScan system employs facial-recognition capabilities to streamline passenger verification and boarding on outbound international flights.


“The veriScan system has become a critical tool for our airline partners as we work to enhance safety, efficiency and convenience at the airport,” said Goutam Kundu, vice president and chief information officer for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. “By incorporating one-step biometric boarding capabilities, Emirates has demonstrated a commitment to providing a more convenient airport experience for passengers and a willingness to embrace innovation to better serve its operational needs.”


After piloting veriScan’s boarding capabilities with select classes of service in May, Emirates moved quickly to implement the process for all passengers on flights departing Dulles International on June 3. The seamless boarding experience has allowed the carrier in the intervening days to slash boarding times of its 525-seat Airbus A380 aircraft – the largest passenger aircraft flying today – by approximately 20 minutes, compared to a previous two-step boarding process that required passengers to present their passports in addition to using the facial-recognition technology.


“We are delighted to be collaborating with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to deploy a one-step biometric boarding experience for Emirates customers at Dulles International Airport,” said Adrian Aliaj, airport services manager for Emirates at Washington Dulles International Airport. “We believe that a memorable journey begins with a seamless experience on the ground, and with this technology, we not only greatly improve the traveler experience at the airport but also enhance the efficiency of our operations."


The veriScan system was designed and launched by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Office of Technology in response to a congressional mandate for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to implement biometric exit processes for commercial airline flights leaving the United States.


Launched in July 2018, veriScan has been successfully piloted with more than 30 airlines on more than 1,500 international flights and has processed nearly 250,000 passengers during the boarding process. Several airlines at Washington Dulles International Airport, including United Airlines, Air France-KLM, Scandinavian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific, now use veriScan daily to expedite passenger verification on departing international flights.


Utilizing proprietary software loaded onto a portable tablet, veriScan encrypts and sends high-resolution photos of passengers boarding international flights to the CBP Traveler Verification Service for nearly instant identity verification. When integrated with airline boarding systems, veriScan further streamlines and expedites the boarding process by eliminating the need for boarding passes.


Emirates serves Dulles International with daily Airbus A380 service from Dubai International Airport.


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