Cameron Halmat

First, I have very seldom in my life written letters for excellent customer service. However, the services provided by Mr. Cameron Halmat last night at IAD went way beyond excellence.

My 86 year old mother was flying from MCO to IAD last night just hours after being released from the hospital there.  My cousin was in Florida handling the arrangements there while I handled all the arrangements with United Airlines.  To say the least, this was a stressful experience for us all.  It was imperative we got my mom to my home in Fairfax as she could no longer live alone in Florida.

It was because of the exceptional service provided by Cameron that my stress level was reduced and we were able to get my mom in the car safely.  I have used the wheelchair services through both IAD and MLB in the past, but have never received such wonderful service. 

Cameron not only called me twice from the Gate to coordinate with me, he also helped me get her luggage. In addition, he waited with her inside the United Door 6 while I went outside to flag down my brother driving the car.  This was so appreciated as it was 16 degrees outside at the time and I was cold myself. It was imperative that we keep my elderly mom who lives in Florida as warm as possible.  He then wheeled her to the curb for us to help her into the car. All the way, he was sympathetic, understanding and guided me through the process to reduce my stress.  I believe he was especially sympathetic as his own mother is 98 years old.

I hope this letter expresses my sincere appreciation for the "beyond the call" service by Cameron.  He not only did a wonderful job for us but was a wonderful human being too.

Again, this email truly can't express my gratitude for the service provided by AIRSERV and the personal service provided by Cameron.


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